Hello unknown people of internet!

Hi, Hi!! It’s me, brainduumblogiiiic!!! And I’m here to post my sh*t!! And yeah… kinda like the first post just to make sure this thing is working correctly on my phone cuz I’m just an idiot who doesn’t know a thing about the configuration of a page in  Wordpress://ヽ(´▽`)/… so yeah, just comment or something so I’ll know you can stalk me:33

And hey! Thanks…


Anatomy studies (kinda)

Hello people of WordPress!!

I’m back, with some sketches! It’s a sort of kinda anatomy study… Because why not? If I want to draw mid-well a human body (but in my style of course), especially a man’s one (because I can draw girls… But not boys….), or a baby’s one as well (there proportions are so cute >w<), first I have to semi-study/practice there anatomy right?

Consequently, here you got some sketches of man’s body, woman’s body and baby’s body:D!

And some other stuff I also needed to practice such as eye expression and perfils! (And also some semi-study around here and thete ;3)

Well… That’s all, and hope you liked it. Plz comment any feedback or advice for learning this sort of things -3-, and see you in the next time!

I’ve noticed I post a lot *sarcasm* +Digital drawing +Recommendation!

Hello wonderful people of WordPress!

Today I bring you a new drawing! Yayyyy:D!

But first… as the title says… I’ve noticed I have this blog a little bit…. abandoned… what do you think? Should I post more often? Or should I stick to this “timetable”? Have you any advices about sketchdules? Tell me in the comments!

And here is the drawing itself:

I’ve done this in the app Sketchbook in my iPad! And it took me around… 3~4 hours more or less??

And here is a WIP/Proof:

And now that we have that finished… I just wanted to recommend you a blog called El poder de las palabras!!

It’s a Spanish blog (I hope there is no problem with it) and it is managed by 9 young girls and a Teacher, who wants to provide the reader a good time reading their silly/fantastic/adventurous/etc… worlds! Each one with great stories on them to tell. Go check it out if you want to and…

Don’t stop creating!

First drawing without lineart

Hi!!! It’s me! I’m back after disappearing for a week or two(?? (Not sure at all:/) and yeah… here to show you what the tittle says! Yay!! So here you got:

So as the “tag” thing says, her name is Plumie and Annerunsontea has adopt her as one of her Ocs nowww -v-

Also, pretty proud of this-v-

Pen doodle of myself

Hi! Koset here with a pen doodle thing I made while waiting for my father to finish something. And yeah… here you got:

Also, you have probably noticed that the eyes are different from my usual style… and that’s because I was watching an animation on YouTube and I thought «Why not?». And yeah… that’s why x’d


Dating game scene thing(????)

So…. ehmmmmmm…. this is weird but I made a dating game scene thing I guess??? I mean… idk ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘ so yeah… here is it:

And here is without the conversation so you can… personalize it(? Idk, do whatever you want, I’ll let it here anyways ‘^~^