Hello unknown people of internet!

Hi, Hi!! It’s me, brainduumblogiiiic!!! And I’m here to post my sh*t!! And yeah… kinda like the first post just to make sure this thing is working correctly on my phone cuz I’m just an idiot who doesn’t know a thing about the configuration of a page in  Wordpress://ヽ(´▽`)/… so yeah, just comment or something so I’ll know you can stalk me:33

And hey! Thanks…


20 songs tag [without nominations]

So… I’ve been nominated (again) by Lulu-chan★ and that’s just so… exciting! So here is my 20 songs tag.

1-Fav. song?

I don’t really know…? It’s a difficult question for me since I have a love for BTS but also for Set It Off and I if I can’t choose one song of each band… how am I supposed to choose one song from the two of them? :00

2-Song you hate?

Every reggeaton or trap song. EVERYONE of them:3 (but it’s ok if you actually like them, just don’t listen to those songs in front of me or your phone/MP3/MP4/whatever device will be in danger x’d)

3-Song you listen again and again and you don’t want it to end?

Tsundere’s cover/animatic from Emirichu (a youtuber, you may know her-v-)

4-Song you don’t like but still you sing it cuz is repetitive?

Well… this question wasn’t difficult at all xd, why? Cuz there is one song that I hate and that’s Sofia from Alvaro Soler… Why do i hate it? Well…

I hate it for various reasons and one of them is that when I was in the summer camp, I had this one friend that singed everyday all day next to me… well, he wasn’t SINGING, he was actually YELLING! And that’s so… ARGHHHHHHH!!

5-Song you’ve heard so many times now you hate it?

Obviously… Sofia again from Alvaro Soler. If it wasn’t for that boy… I may even like that song;-;

6-Song that makes you dance crazy?

Galway girl (also known as Englishman) by Ed Sheeran. I just… love it!!

7-Song for depressive times?

Every song I have? I mean… even if I’m happy or sad I still listen to the same music because the songs I have always makes me feel better so…

8-Song that makes you feel like you can sing like a star?

There are a few of them such as “Why worry” from Set it off, “BoonBayAh” from Blackpink, “Galway girl” from Ed Sheeran, “Secret garden (Flowerfell ver.)” from a youtuber called Aria rose and “Cool kids” from Echosmith :D!!

9-Fav. songs from the same album?

Bad guy and missing you and… All of them! From Set it off xddd

10-Song you want on your wedding?

I’ll decide went the moment comes, I have a lot of songs to listen till then so… I guess that I’ll decide it then(? (This is also called PROCRASTINATION xdd)

11-Song you are thinking about right now?

Like… None? I mean… there is actually no song right now on my mind xd at least… not at all xdd

12-Song that your brother/sister is OBSESSED with?

OH MY, wait… Only thinking of that song makes me want to die… why? Well, he has been so, but SO obsessed that he actually wakes up with that song, sings that song at the shower, plays that song while doing homework… and the song is Shelter, by Porter Robinson and Madeon.

13-What song are you listening to right now?

Well… you’ll say: TRYING TO NOT LISTEN! Cuz my bro is playing Shelter while playing to the computer T.T

14-What kind of thing do you think your blog transmits?

Me trying to sing my favs songs in the background while you are just reading this>:3

15-Do you relate the songs to the books you read?

Sorry, but no… i mean, i actually read but… i can’t relate the songs I listen to the books I read. I just… I can’t:P

16-Song that has to be played on your funeral?

Obviously, why worry by Set it off, i don’t want my friends and family sad because of my death, death is something that arrives to everyone, sooner or later and even if you think you can’t forget your loved ones deaths, in some moment you will and because of that, well…

17-Song you put when you go to the shower?


18-First song of each band?

Uff… here we go:

•Set it off: Wolf on sheep’s clothing

•BTS: Blood, sweat and tears

•iKon: Good boy

•Exo:I don’t remember

•Imagine dragon: Warriors

•Starset: My demons

•Tøp: Heathens

•Panic! At the disco: This is Gospel

•Vocaloid: Drop pop candy

•Echosmith: Cool kids

•Red velvet: Russian Roulette

19-What song doesn’t people expect you to know?

Probably Lemon tree by Fools garden xd

And that’s all, hope it didn’t disappointed you and see y’all later!

My weakness

Sorry for not posting the next couple of drawings about the challenge but, I have to admit something… my biggest weakness is procrastination and… that is kinda what is happening to me now(? X’d.

Si yeah… just wanted to say that :3

30 days challenge: day 7

So finally! I’m here with the 7th day of this 30 days challenge: YOUR PHOBIA…!

So… the next paragraph will be weird and more or less personal, if you are here just to see the picture, just go to the bottom of this post to see it.

Well… Phobia, what a hard word… it’s meaning stands for: “an irrational fear of or aversion to something”. I don’t consider myself to have the “common” phobias, such as Arachnophobia or Claustrophobia or things like that. I mean… I like to have a role in my friends lives and for that, I have to close some doors and open only a few of them so I can maintain that “role” but sometimes is so… difficult? Hard?

And I think I have not a phobia, not an irrational fear but yet, I think that I’m scared of this mask I put on me, this tag where the only thing that says is: “I’m fine” or “Don’t worry” or maybe… I’m scared of my own feelings… I mean… I don’t understand them, I don’t want to suffer… I don’t want to hide that suffering, and yet, I hide it… and just because I want to maintain that “tag”, that… “mask”…

My friends call me “robot” most of the days and sometimes… I really wished I were… if I were one… I could not have this feeling… I could… be insensitive with a reason to be, I could… maintain that tag with a fake smile without any problem… therefore, I think I have a kind of phobia to my own feelings and so… here is the drawing…